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Detroit’s Got It!!!



March 11, 2020 $76
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Detroit’s Got It!!!

Featuring: Detroit Institute of Arts and the Outdoor Adventure Center

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How many cities that can boast an art Museum like Detroit’s own DIA? How many cities can boast of an Indoor, “Outdoor Adventure Center.”

The Detroit Institute of Arts has 3 special exhibits on this date: Starting in the 16th century Flemish and Dutch artists turned of everyday subjects, describing the landscape and people around them with humor and loving detail. The exhibition includes 70 works on paper from 1500- 1700.

The second exhibit is large-scale photographs of Lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan and Superior by Detroit area photographer Jeff Gaydash. Enjoy the sublime beauty and quiet solitude of one of nature’s greatest treasures, The Great Lakes.

The third exhibit is a Bruegel’s iconic “The Wedding Dance” revealed. It has been at the DIA since 1930. Using the lens of art conservation, the exhibition will trace the life of the painting from its creation to the present, emphasizing its status as a material object, from its very free underdrawing and its thin paint application to the conservation treatments and restorations to which it has been subjected over time.

You may be like us and wonder what is in that building that hosts the “Outdoor Adventure Center.” Well, you are about to find out on this outing to the city. This place brings “Up North, Downtown.” Be inspired, educated, and connected to the wonders of Michigan’s natural resources. The adult afternoon program we have chosen is “Birth of a Land Ethic” which explores Michigan’s White Pine Era and lessons learned about the wise use of natural resources. An interesting travel through Michigan’s history.

Yes, Detroit’s Got It!!!

Lunch is included at Andrew’s on the Corner.