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Felonies & Misdemeanors



April 4, 2023 $125
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Felonies & Misdemeanors

Some of the world’s most notorious criminals, mobsters, and gangsters bamboozled their way through Detroit. Meanwhile some of history’s most infamous, brilliant, or honorable policemen tried to stop them. On our Felonies and Misdemeanors Tour, escape into the city’s criminal underworld as we investigate stories about Jimmy Hoffa, prohibition, The Purple Gang, “Joe the Hood”, The Gotham Hotel, and the Detroit Mob families.

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You’ll hear the story of "La Mano Nera" or black hand extortionists, in Detroit at the turn of the century. We’ll explore the illegal liquor war of the 1910’s. We’ll visit an iconic bar where we’ll learn about the police chief who resigned from his appointment as a judge to bring “civility back to the police”. We will traverse the city and learn the history of mobster owned speakeasies and some of their most memorable raids. From riots to rolling men into the river, from African American gambling rackets to Italian mobsters fixing professional football  games, from hookers, madams, and street corner pimps to cops, mounted police, and mayors of all types. Welcome to the criminal side.

A buffet lunch is included at Cadieux Cafe.

Departure Locations:

  • Canton Summit on the Park – 46000 Summit Parkway
  • Southgate Civic Complex – 14710 Reaume Parkway