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Gems of Detroit – Public Services



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Gems of Detroit – Public Services

POSTPONED, NEW DATE PENDING – Visit and learn about the Detroit Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the Detroit Public Safety Headquarters & a working fire station.

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This morning, visit the Detroit Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Learn about the Federal Reserve System and to view the cash processing system. Sitting on 17 acres of land, the $80-million, 220,000-square-foot building is one of the most secure and heavily guarded structures in the city of Detroit. The Detroit branch of the Federal Reserve is one of the largest single repositories of currency in the country and is responsible for destroying old money, sending out new money to banks, inspecting currency for counterfeit bills and conducting extensive economic analyses. It also ensures that banks comply with regulatory requirements.

After lunch, visit the Detroit Public Safety Headquarters. Learn about over 150 years of Detroit Police History and take a few moments to remember the fallen firefighters of Detroit at the memorial wall.

Our last stop is a visit to a working fire station where you will learn about the apparatus belonging to the department and hear a fire safety talk for seniors.

Lunch is included at a local restaurant.