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Hamtramck Polish Tour

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Hamtramck Polish Tour

SOLD OUT, Waitlist – Take a tour of Hamtramck and visit some of the iconic landmarks in this city within a city.

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Tour St. Florian Church, have lunch at the Polish Village Cafe, visit historic land-marks in Hamtramck, check out the Polish Art Center, visit the Hamtramck History Museum, and a number of other fun and interesting things to do! First stop on the tour is a visit to the magnificent St. Florian Church. Hamtramck historian and author, Greg Kowalski, will guide us through this beautiful and historic church. After visiting St. Florian, we will visit various locations in the City of Hamtramck. What’s a visit to Hamtramck without sampling one of their well-known delicacies? You’ll have a choice of one of the five most popular flavors: strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, or custard from the New Palace Bakery! After we tour the Hamtramck Historical Museum, we’ll stop by the Polish Art Center! From Polish Pottery, to amber jewelry, to Polish Christmas ornaments, and anything else you might think of–the Polish Art Center carries it! If you’ve never visited the Art Center, you are in for a treat. After visiting the Center, check out some of the other stores in Hamtramck--Srodek’s is only one block away.