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Old Time Religion-Turkeyville



March 13, 2019 $87
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Old Time Religion-Turkeyville

Give me that Old Time Religion, it’s good enough for me – toe tapping, and knee slapping inspirational music we all love.

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Come on down to the "Ellen" theatre in Big Elk North Carolina as a concert promoter is getting ready for a HUGE concert.  As the evening starts, the band has not arrived.  Promoter, Debbie Stalker, is at a loss as to what to do.  She tried to stall the show as the entire crew is waiting for the entertainers to show up.  Lucky for the promoter and the town, some of the residents of Big Elk are ready to jump in and help out.

Songs include: Old Time Religion, Jesus Loves You, Smoky Mountain Sunday and many more.

A delicious turkey dinner is included at Cornwell’s Turkeyville.