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Rum Runners – Live-Action Tour in Windsor, ON



July 11, 2023 $129
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Rum Runners – Live-Action Tour in Windsor, ON

New! – Go back in time to the Roaring Twenties as costumed actors tell the story of prohibition and Windsor’s connection to gangsters like Al Capone and the Purple Gang.

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A passport is required for this trip.

Learn the bootleggers secrets and see where they hid out. During lunch, you’ll take part in a re-enacted Speakeasy with the legendary Bertha Thomas. Of course, music was a big part of the speakeasies and the resident piano player “Fingers” will tickle the ivories with tunes from that era and Bertha will tickle your funny bone with a couple of songs. Keep an eye out for the cops, because the place could be raided at any time.

See the courtroom at MacKenzie Hall (one of the oldest buildings in the city). Visit the church made famous by the gun toting “Fighting Parson”. Reverend Leslie Spracklin along with the help of the temperance woman will tell the story of “The Fighting Parson” and how he fought the bootleggers and owners of the blind pigs and speakeasies with fists and guns.

Visit the waterfront of Detroit River and see where the bootleggers loaded up their boats and waited for the signal to speed across the river. View the mansions including the Wilistead Manor built with rum running profits.

Join us for an educational, comical, musical bus tour with great food and fun!

Full Service Lunch Menu: Pasta, Roast Chicken, Roasted Potato, Vegetable, Salad, Dessert and Coffee or Tea

Departure Locations:

  • Woodhaven Meijer – 22600 Allen Rd.
  • Allen Park Civic Center -15800 White Ave