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Nana Does Vegas at Meadow Brook Theatre

Nana Does Vegas (1)


January 19, 2022 $106
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Nana Does Vegas at Meadow Brook Theatre

NANA IS BACK! Nana has taken a gamble and moved to Las Vegas, where she and her sidekick, Vera, are working as seamstresses for a show…What could possibly go wrong? Everything! If you liked “Nana’s Naughty Knickers”, you’ll love “Nana Does Vegas”!

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Nana is back and this time she is making costumes for one of the biggest shows on the Vegas strip. But she gets a little more than she gambled for after taking a chance at love.

Nana, who is designing costumes for a new show,  invites her granddaughter Vera, for a visit before she is set to be married to her bizarre boyfriend Tom O’Grady who plays an NYPD officer turned FBI agent to investigate the casino.

The wisecracks roll after Vera decides to do a little illegal gambling in the hotel and stealing customers from Nana’s new Italian lover, Dino Marino, who manages the casino.

Lunch is included at Loccino’s before the show at Meadow Brook Theatre.