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Custom Holidays is launching a new program: “Friends Traveling With Friends.” We want to build on what you already do. You call a friend or two and say, “let’s go on the Custom Holidays trip next month.” They agree to go and mention a few other friends who may have an interest. Before long you have 7+ friends on the trip with you. Our new program rewards you for your efforts.

Decide on a trip you would like to take. Register with us that you want to be a “First Friend” for this trip. We will assign you a code for that trip, and give you an agreement on the program. You share the info with your friends. When reservations come in, we will automatically channel those guests to your account.

When you have 6+ yourself, you will quality for a 25% discount on your trip. When you have 12+ yourself you will quality for a 50% discount on your trip, and when you have 25+ yourself, you qualify for a free trip!