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What are the physical requirements and pacing on my tour?

Tour pacing varies by itinerary, and each destination’s sightseeing and activities are unique. Pacing is subject to personal interpretation.

The Tour Activity Level Ranking is featured on each trip flyer in a circle.

Level 1: At a very leisurely pace, this tour involves minimal physical activity, such as climbing some stairs, boarding a motorcoach, and walking from the hotel reception area to hotel rooms and dining areas. Most Level 1 tours would include dinner and a show.

Level 2: This tour requires average physical activity. You should be in good health, able to climb stairs and walk reasonable distances, possibly over uneven ground and cobblestoned streets. Most level 2 tours would include a guided tour with some walking (less than a mile), shopping, optional walking activities and other similar activities.

Level 3: This tour includes moderate physical activity. For multi-day trips, the itinerary blends some longer days with shorter days and more leisure time. Walking tours, as well as walking slightly longer distances, up stairs or on uneven walking surfaces should be expected. Most Level 3 tours would include guided tours with walking distances up to a mile or up to an hour at a time (at a very leisurely pace). This tour would also include optional activities that would require additional walking.

Level 4: To truly experience the program and destination, you need to be able to participate in physical activities such as longer walking tours, walking over uneven terrain, climbing stairs and periods of standing. Some of the touring days may be longer, with select included activities occurring later in the evening. Most Level 4 tours would include guided tours with walking distances over a mile long (at a leisurely pace) or over one hour at a time.

Level 5: This tour is very active, requiring participants to be physically fit to fully enjoy all the experiences. This itinerary has more strenuous activities which may include things such as: extensive walking tours, transfers over uneven and dusty terrain, high altitudes, early morning departures, late night activities, or extreme conditions. All conditions do not apply to all days, so please read the itinerary carefully and speak to one of our representatives to find out if this tour is right for you. Unfortunately, this tour is not appropriate for individuals who use either walkers or wheelchairs.

If you have any concerns about the pacing or physical requirements on any of our tours, please contact us and we can speak with you to determine if the tour is right for you. Please note that most of our passengers are senior citizens, and our tour activity levels have been determined based on the physical characteristics of those ages 55+