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Destination Unknown



September 19, 2024 $135
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Destination Unknown

A Mystery Tour—With a Twist! We tell you everything that you are doing, but not the destination.

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Embark on a journey shrouded in mystery as we delve into the depths of an outdoor sanctuary, where nature’s secrets whisper among the trees. Engage in an enigmatic exploration of a place where adventure intertwines with retail therapy, revealing hidden treasures amidst the aisles. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes tour along with some time for shopping.

Then, step into a realm of tranquility, where familiar gardens unveil unfamiliar wonders, offering new experiences beneath the sky’s canvas. Unleash your inner artist as you craft a masterpiece to carry home, capturing moments of mystery in strokes of color. Explore the ethereal beauty of luminescent artistry at the clandestine museum nestled within the gardens.

Finally, venture into the unknown past of an historic fort, where echoes of history resonate within ancient walls, guiding us through tales untold in a land once embroiled in conflict.

A boxed lunch is included at the gardens.