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Strangers on a Train – Meadow Brook Theatre



October 23, 2024 $155
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Strangers on a Train – Meadow Brook Theatre

The Alfred Hitchcock classic – live on stage!

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Two strangers, architect Guy Haines and wealthy Charles Bruno, meet on a southbound train, sharing a compartment. Amidst a drunken conversation, they hatch a chilling plot: Bruno will murder Guy’s estranged wife, and Guy will rid Bruno of his troublesome father – the perfect murder!

However, they soon discover the harsh reality that murder is far from perfect. Despite Guy’s initial disbelief, Bruno’s deadly seriousness becomes apparent. As their twisted plan unfolds, they find themselves inexorably bound together, confronting the grim consequences of their actions and the moral complexities that accompany them, in a tale where strangers’ idle chatter turns into a chilling pact with dire consequences.

A full service lunch is included at Lelli’s before the performance at Meadow Brook Theatre.

Departure Locations:

  • Brownstown Senior Center – 23555 King Rd.
  • Allen Park Civic Center -15800 White Ave.